About US -


Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, most nutritious and sustainably grown organic and wild-harvested foods. We strive to promote health and well being on the planet by only working with companies who have conscious and ethical business practices, and support farms through fair pricing. We believe that sustainable organic farming hold the key to our future.


Meet the Team - 


Manis Aloha

Manis founded Pangaia Pantree in 2005 and was a pioneer in the industry. He introduced many of the big names in the raw food world today to the movement and helped them get their businesses off the ground. Manis acquired a piece of paradise on the Big Island in 1992 which he with he made into a permaculture oasis dreamland. For 20 years Manis, along with the local community and work-traders from around the world, planted over 50 varieties of fruit trees and put their love into creating a community that was next to none. In order to support the rising cost of keeping up the land Manis developed relationships with the early leaders in raw vegan health food industry and began distributing their uniquely sourced superfood products and that's how Pangaia Pantree was born.  Manis's passion was planting, farming, overseeing the work-traders and creating a business that could support his community.   The hundreds of fruit trees still feed people today, and it continues to be one of the most abundant properties in Hawaii. The land has since been taken over by new stewards who are enjoying the fruits of labor, love and sweat that so many were a part of. The new community, called "Kanekiki", is preserving the legacy of this sacred land as they continue to plant and share the abundance of luscious organic fruits with the world.   Manis moved to another island, and Reka & Zsolt relocated the Pantree to Kauai and the business continues to flourish. 


Reka & Zsolt 

Reka & Zsolt have been a part of the Organic Raw Food Movement since 2001, and have been thriving on a healthy vibrant living plant based diet since then. Having overcome many serious health challenges they have a deep understanding of how important it is to consume only the highest vibrational foods to nourish our bodies.  It's been their deep passion to share their love of healthy food with their greater community. They feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with Pangaia Pantree owner and founder Manis Aloha in 2008.  In 2010, they moved the business to Kauai and continued working together to provide clean high integrity raw and organic dried packaged food products to the larger health food stores on the islands of Hawaii. They genuinely enjoy helping stores source those essential superfoods which are becoming staples to health food enthusiasts everywhere.